Personal Injury & Letter of Protection

For those patients suffering from a personal injury such as a car accident, ASP Cares is committed to simplifying the process and providing peace of mind so you can focus on what’s most important – getting better and returning to a productive life. With convenient locations providing free delivery nationwide, we proudly offer no out-of-pocket expense for prescription medications to those patients suffering from a personal injury.

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ASP Cares has significant experience working with attorneys in the event of personal injury.

As part of our commitment to simplifying the lives of our patients, ASP Cares pledges to work seamlessly and collaboratively with providers and attorneys to make this process as easy and cost effective as possible for all parties involved. This includes offering providers with a Personalized Account Representative (a single point of contact for the pharmacy), a 24-hour turnaround on filling prescriptions, as well as a steadfast commitment to patients to ensure proper medication management.

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