Top 5 Types of Workout Injuries



The word “injury” strikes fear in the minds of many athletes. Due to injuries many times, the athlete is not able to perform properly.

Whether you have been exercising for years or have just started a fitness program, in both cases, it is important to avoid injury so that you can achieve the fitness goal.

As you get older, you gradually become more vulnerable to injuries. The body becomes less agile than before.

According to a study published in the Journal of Athletic Training, sports injuries account for about 30 percent of all injuries that typically occur during sports and workouts.

If sport or gyming is a part of your daily routine, then you will be well aware of this.

According to the Orthopedic Surgery Department at Harvard Medical School, "recovery from injury can slow with age." It can take longer to recover from a minor injury and increases the recovery time in the injury area.

That's why it is important to be careful while working out in the gym. With this, you will be saved from workouts or sports injuries.

But before that, you also need to know about common gym mistakes. So that you can avoid common gym mistakes.

Let us get to know the common workout injuries and how to avoid them in this article.

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1. Shin Splints

Pain that increases along the inner edge of your shinbone (or tibia). This could be a sign of tibial stress syndrome, better known as 'shin splints.

It is most common among runners. People who do more running or jumping face this problem. A shin sprain occurs when overstressed muscles in the front lower back cause pain in the shinbone.

Muscle swelling may subside after a light workout. In some cases, the pain gets worse. Running on hills or hard surfaces (such as concrete or asphalt) or using worn-out shoes also increases this risk.

Wear good quality shoes to protect against this. Also, reduce the intensity and frequency. Also, do not forget to warm up before the workout.

2. Knee pain

Patellofemoral syndrome around the knee is also known as 'runner's knee'. Poor tracking or running can lead to a crunching or grating sound, as the movement of your knee starts to exceed normal.

Muscle imbalance can exacerbate this problem. In such a situation, doing weighted exercises can damage the knee extensor and it can cause pain.

To reduce knee pain, pay attention to the form of the exercise. At the same time, keep training the hips flexors muscles.

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3. Wrist strain

The wrist is a complex joint with a high level of mobility. But high mobility and instability often cause wrist pain. Carrying extra weight while doing barbell curls, push-ups, etc. can cause strain on the wrist. This can cause muscle tension.

To get rid of this, do wrist stretching and while lifting the weight, keep the wrist in line with the forearm. If you keep pulling it back, then there will be a pain in the wrist.

4. Biceps Tendinitis

Pain in the front of the shoulder and upper arm can be a sign of tendinitis. It usually occurs during weightlifting or swimming. Biceps tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon that connects the muscles of your upper biceps to the bones of the shoulder.

To avoid this, you should take adequate rest during weight training and avoid working out continuously. Also, avoid lifting more weight than your capacity.

5. Pectoral Injury

During a heavy bench press, tension is created on the pectoralis muscles due to the deteriorating balance of the dumbbell or barbell. If the problem gets worse, then the injury can occur. By doing this, black and blue spots often appear on the upper part of the chest, arms, and biceps.

Sometimes the increased tension on the muscles can lead to injury to the chest muscles. To do this, lift the weight according to your ability, and do not forget to do chest stretching before the workout.

You must have understood how to avoid these common workout injuries in the gym. Do workouts carefully so that there is no injury of any kind.

We have given you all the information related to the treatment of different types of workout injuries.

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