An Overview of Worker Compensation Treatment



Employees are no longer a cost to the Company. Your employees are your assets which give strength to the business and are great pillars of your organization’s foundation. This helps in running a successful business. Every company or organization wants employees to be productive at work. Quality time and quality work is appreciated by organizations and companies. This quality time and work should be gifted with quality healthcare today.

Health is wealth- Invest in quality health care for your employees

Investing in your employee’s health shows them that “you care”. Many organizations and companies have Worker Comp Treatment(Rx) in place. But, it is important to look for quality care with expert doctors and the right choice of treatment.

Know about Worker Compensation treatment

Workers' compensation provides a safety and security net for you and your employees after a workplace injury. It can help cover expenses for medical treatment, lost wages, and other costs. When it comes to medical treatment, we want the best doctor and the right mode of recovery. This can be achieved, if you are aware about the causes of injury at the workplace and the best possible treatment for it.

Remember, “Health is wealth.” If you are in the best of your health, you can work as well as be productive. Productive employees are key to successful business. Taking care of your employees will give them a sense of security, which will help them be more productive at work. So, let's take a sneak peek into the type of injuries at work and the best possible treatment of choice

Accident and Injury at work

“Accident is an unplanned event, in which there is a possibility of injury, property loss or loss of life”

Before you get into the treatment provided by the worker’s compensation treatment, it is important to know about the types of accidents or injuries at work. Knowing the type of accident will help for further diagnosis and treatment

So let's know the types of accidents-

1. No Injury/ Near Miss Accident –

  • According to the No Injury / Near Miss accident, no person gets hurt, or it can be said that the person can survive. There is no physical damage or property loss in this accident.
  • This is also considered an accident. Getting into the root cause of this accident and what was the reason for the accident is important so that this accident should not be repeated in the future.
  • This can definitely cause a shock or jerk to the employee, which causes immediate medical attention.
  • Let’s not forget that No Injury / Near Miss accidents can cause traumatic impact, interfere with emotional disorders and need special attention and mental health care.
  • Detailed case consultation and a health check from an expert doctor are very much needed in case of“ no injury or near-miss accident.”
  • A preventative treatment from a doctor with special expertise will help the employee get back into action at work, being productive

2. Reportable Accident-

  • There are many categories of reportable accidents. Some of these accidents are such that if they happen, then it is necessary to tell the safety management within 48 hours.
  • There are some such accidents whose safety management shows readiness to investigate and find out the root causes and not to happen in the future.
  • In such cases, immediate medical action and attention should be given to the employee to reduce the recovery time and help him get back to work at the earliest.

Let us look at the categories of reportable accidents and understand them in detail.

A. First Aid Case(FAC)-

  • From the point of view, if a person gets hurt a little, and after giving first aid, he returns to work again at the same time. Such accidents are kept in the category of first aid cases.

Workers's Comp
  • First aid must be provided by a specialized doctor with expertise to reduce any kind of further complication.
  • Do not neglect such cases. Taking an expert opinion in such cases is a must.

B. Medical Treatment Case(MTC)-

  • Under this, if an employee's health suddenly deteriorates, that too without any accident, then he needs medical treatment beyond first aid, i.e. a doctor who does a thorough examination and prescribes medicine.
  • This medical treatment must be provided under the direct care of the licensed healthcare professional and medical doctor at the very start of treatment.
  • This medical treatment must be provided under the direct care of the licensed healthcare professional and medical doctor at the very start of treatment.

Thinking about whether your desk job is safe?

Workers' compensation isn't just limited to high-risk jobs. Repetitive-motion injuries (i.e., carpal tunnel), slip-and-fall accidents, and strains are more common than you would possibly think at relatively safe desk jobs.
For example, if an important beam lands on a construction worker’s foot and causes an open fracture, workers’ compensation can cover medical expenses and lost wages during the recovery. Without insurance, the employer might be liable for all related costs, which could add up to ten thousand dollars.

Quality treatment with better recovery for employees

There are several reasons why workers’ compensation may be a good investment for your business. Investing in the health of the employee should be your top priority.

Workers’ compensation coverage protects employees and business owners. Let’s say human error, equipment malfunction, or simply plain bad luck results in an employee breaking his leg. He’s getting to need X-rays, possibly surgery, physiotherapy, and a number of other weeks of recovery until he can do his job again. Workman’s comp insurance can help buy all those expenses. Very true, isn't it !!!

But think again, when it comes to treatment. You don't want to lose a productive employee and give him the best possible treatment when it comes to recovery. Quality treatment gives result in the following way:

  • Less pain and reduced symptoms
  • Quick symptomatic relief
  • Good recovery
  • No side effects
  • No relapse in future
  • Less time-consuming treatment
  • Good follow-ups for better recovery

How to get the right treatment?

By knowing the type of injury, the doctor can conclude the diagnosis and accordingly guide the worker or employee for the right choice of treatment. So, get in touch with us in regard to the worker’s comp treatment

A trusting relationship between employers and employees can make a big difference in productivity levels. When employees know that you simply have their back in both good times and bad, they're more invested in their work and focused on the work at hand.

Proving you're taking care of your employees will assist you to attract and retain the simplest workers in your area.

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