Specialized HIV Drug Pharmacy Services



How Pharmacists are Changing the Lives of People With HIV/AIDS

Patients with HIV/AIDS have unique needs, which require specialized services including finding the right HIV drug pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. The need is even more critical for those who are newly diagnosed because they may feel isolated or need information on where to find HIV/AIDS resources that can help them fight the disease.

Help Paying for HIV Drugs
Additionally, because HIV/AIDS medications can be expensive, many patients don’t know how they will pay for the HIV drugs they need to fight the virus. They may not be aware that alternative funding is available, or how to go about applying for it, even if they do know it exists.

Your HIV Drug Pharmacy Can be a Powerful Advocate
HIV patients may need experienced advocates to help maximize their Medicaid, Medicare, or health insurance benefits, gain prior authorization, deal with a complicated appeal process, request to add specialty medications to existing formularies. (A drug formulary is a list of medications that payers will cover.) All of which can be a bit overwhelming when you have just been diagnosed with a treatable, but complex condition such as HIV/AIDS. Fortunately, some pharmacies, such as ASP Cares, are stepping up to help fill gaps in HIV patient care.

Finding the Right HIV Drug Pharmacy

The truth is that not every pharmacy has the experience, time, or resources to provide these types of personalized services. Besides which, many patients require additional resources such as ongoing information, home delivery, or access to other supportive care services.

When it comes to living with HIV/AIDS, comprehensive prescription drug management is a must. Many HIV/AIDS medications can and do interact with other medications, or create drug toxicities over time, making attentive prescription and medication oversight critical to your ongoing HIV/AIDS care.

HIV Specialty Pharmacies Can Help Manage HIV and Coinfection Medications

Additionally, people living with HIV/AIDS may also have, or develop, co-infections (additional types of infection that occur at the same time) such as STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), or other opportunistic infections which require aggressive and treatment.

(Opportunistic infections are secondary infections that occur more often, or are more severe, in people with compromised immune systems from diseases such as HIV or after receiving chemotherapy.)

Managing Opportunistic Infections in HIV

Opportunistic infections can include:

• Meningitis (an infection of the brain and spinal cord)
• Herpes simplex or HSV-1 (a virus that causes sores on the mouth, lips and face)
• Tuberculosis
• Histoplasmosis (a fungal infection spread by birds and bats)
• Salmonella (a kind of food poisoning)
• Toxoplasmosis (a parasitic infection that attacks the brain)
• PCP (a type of pneumonia)
• Certain kinds of cancers such as Kaposi’s sarcoma
• Candia (also called thrush)
• And others

HIV Knowledgeable Pharmacists Are Critical to Providing Good Care

Studies have consistently shown that patients do better when they have access to qualified pharmacists. In addition to filling prescriptions, pharmacists offer a single point of contact to help patients understand their medications, how and when to take them, and what to expect throughout their course of treatment. An HIV drug pharmacy also serve as a liaison between the patient and their healthcare provider by providing:

• Oversight for HIV/AIDS medications to minimize side effects and medication toxicity
• Encouraging compliance (helping patients take the right meds at the right time without skipping or altering doses)
• Providing oversight to help healthcare providers achieve maximum suppression of the virus while boosting patient wellbeing
• Decreasing drug costs or coordinating care so that patients can find alternative funding when necessary to cover the cost of their HIV medications
• Simplifying medication regimes to improve quality of life

If you, or someone you care about has been diagnosed with HIV, you should know that while there is currently no cure, there is hope. People who are HIV positive are living longer, healthier lives, often decades after beginning treatment.

In addition to better forms of treatment, new medications such as Truvada can help prevent the spread of the disease by stopping HIV infections before they start.

All of which makes finding the right medical provider, the best HIV drug pharmacy, dedicated pharmacists with the knowledge, training and expertise to partner with your care critical for your health, not to mention your peace of mind.

ASP Cares is Your Resource for Superior HIV/AIDS Support

ASP Cares is a leading specialty pharmacy offering superior care for people with chronic and rare diseases such as HIV/AIDS and more. From discreet, free nationwide delivery to help paying for your medications, ASP Cares is with you every step of the way. We are committed to improving the lives of people with HIV/AIDS.

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