Car Accident Injuries: Why Your Pharmacy Choice Matters



There you are, sitting in your car, stopped at a red light. It’s a gorgeous day and you are enjoying one of your favorite songs.

Suddenly there is a screech of tires, and you are not just waiting for the light anymore. Someone hit your car.

After a visit to the emergency room, you find yourself with a stack of prescriptions, trying to figure out how you are going to find the money to pay for them. Car accident injuries don’t just wreck your car, they can make you feel like your wallet got totaled too.

How can I Get Prescriptions After a Car Wreck with No Out of Pocket?

Getting the care you need however, is not really something that can wait. Even if a car wreck seems relatively minor, you might have underlying auto accident injuries that may require treatment.

But how do I pay for it?
There are several possible routes you can take. If you have medical insurance, for instance, you can use it to pay for medical care as well as any necessary prescriptions. If not, you still might have other options. These may include:

MedPay (Medical Payment to Others Insurance)
Some insurance companies offer an optional form of coverage known as medpay. MedPay may cover a certain amount of your medical and or prescription medication costs for the accident, or those of any passengers who may also have been injured in the wreck, regardless of who was actually at fault for the accident. The limits vary from carrier to carrier.

No Fault Insurance
If you have no fault insurance, you may be able to file a claim so that the auto insurance carrier pays at least some of the cost of your medical care, including any necessary medications related to your car wreck injuries. No fault coverage is not available in all states. In states that do allow no fault insurance, coverage limits can vary widely, so be sure to check your policy.

State Medicaid
In some states, if you are injured in an accident (or lose your job due to injuries or illness), you may qualify for state Medicaid coverage. If you need care and do not have insurance or a way to pay, you might be able to receive care via your state’s Medicaid program. Depending on the way your state manages its Medicaid program, you may be able to have your future medical expenses and medication costs covered. In some states, Medicaid may also cover recent past medical expenses.

Will Medical Providers and Pharmacies Work with Me?
Sometimes medical providers will wait for payment through direct arrangements too. In such cases you may have to sign a personal injury lien, which is essentially a promise to pay once the case is settled.

In many cases, if you have secured the services of an attorney, they can draw up a letter of protection (LOP) on your behalf. A letter of protection is basically a guarantee of future payment for any services rendered in relation to your car accident injuries.

LOP’s are sometimes used in relation to on the job accidents too. In an LOP, you are promising that the costs associated with your care will be paid for out of any money you recover, should you win your case (or it is settled out of court).

You are also pledging to pay the debt yourself, should you lose in court, or you case is dismissed. A LOP is really a request for credit with the medical provider or pharmacy.

Getting Your Prescriptions When You Have Car Accident Injuries

Many pharmacies, especially big impersonal chains, want to be paid up front for medications related to your auto accident. They aren’t willing to wait for insurance companies and or lawyers to battle it out in court.

Unless you have medical insurance, or very deep pockets, you may be stuck footing the bill while your case moves at glacial speed through an ocean of paperwork. A few pharmacies, such as ASP Cares however, are happy to fill your prescriptions with no upfront, out of pocket expenses.

We Understand
At ASP Cares, we understand that life happens. Whether you are injured on the job, or have car accident injuries, we are here to help.

We are committed to creating a smooth, headache-free process that allows you to get the medications you need when you need them. All without upfront costs or out of pocket expense.

ASP Cares proudly provides:
• No upfront medication costs for people suffering from a personal injury
• Dedicated personalized account representatives to provide a single point of contact for all of your medication needs
• 24-hour turnaround on prescription fills
• Nationwide free delivery
• A simplified process that works closely with payers, attorneys, and providers
• Attentive medication management

When your hurt, the last thing you need is another hurdle to jump. Get the medications you need, delivered right to your door at no out of pocket expense after an accident.

ASP Cares. Our name really does say it all. Get the care you need so you can get back to the life you love.

This content does not represent medical and or legal advice. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical provider.

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