An Overview of Scapula Fractures



The most ignored part of the skeleton of the human body is the scapula. Wondering what scapula is? Yes, it's your shoulder blade. This is the most neglected part of the body. Many of us tend to ignore shoulder pain, thinking it's just joint pain.
Remember, don't forget this shoulder blade of the scapula.

What is a shoulder blade or scapula?
The humerus is connected to the clavicle through blades. The shape of the bone resembles a shovel.

It is named after a part of the skeleton. Shovel means flat bone. It consists of many parts. Depending on which element is broken on the damaged shoulder blade, healing is chosen .

The scapula is a flat triangular bone that is found in the back of the shoulder and connects the arm bones to the ribs.

Scapula Strain – What is Shoulder Pain?

Pain in the scapula or shoulder blade is extremely common and is often the result of excessive physical activity.

Incidence of Scapular fracture

• Scapular - this part of the skeleton is broken very often.
• Over the years it recorded more than 1.5% of scapula fractures compared to other bones.
• This does not mean that a component of the skeleton should be treated lightly.

How does scapular fracture occur?
• Scapular fracture entails difficult long-term treatment and rehabilitation.
• The most common cause of such injury is falling back.
• It's also easy to get this type of fracture as a direct blow to the shoulder blade.
• When a shoulder blade or scapula breaks, a bone sometimes meets the tension of the muscles of the shoulder joint.
• The shock or impact, in this case, is transmitted to the neck of the scapula, and it breaks down under the weight of the bones of the arm.
• Often, such a problem is encountered by athletes who are engaged in throwing the ball. Such trauma can be deep back when skidding arms.

Scapula Fractures

Disease duration of a scapular fracture
Mild strains of the scapula heal in 1-2 weeks, severe strains take 1-2 months.

Symptomatology of scapular fracture
• Fracture of the scapula always causes pain and swelling.
• Palpation of body part and discomfort reflected at the bone site location.
• Sometimes the doctor examines the sharp edges of the bone.
• When dislocating the scapula, the edges of the blade are semicircular and smooth.
• Movement of the affected arm is difficult, and there is a sharp pain while trying to pick it up
• In some cases, there is bruising at the site of the injury. They often appear in 2-3 days.
• The recognizable symptom is swelling in the shape of a triangle.

Based on this, the doctor quickly determined the diagnosis. Depending on the type of fracture, symptoms may appear to change or at least in manifestation.

When to see a doctor- Symptoms of scapular fracture
• Severe pain
• Inability to rotate your shoulder.
• Fever, chest pain, or shortness of breath.
• Prolonged rubbing and bruising.
• Heat and pain around the joint.
• Pain that persists for a few weeks even after home therapy.

How to determine the fracture of the scapula?
• Observed with this form of injury of scapular fracture is girdle deformation.
• The fracture can be determined by the doctor through the process of palpation.
• He sets the pieces easily through the skin.
• This injury is most often caused by a strong blow directly to the shoulder from top to bottom. Fractures can lead to them and other complications.

Right Shoulder Fractures

Test and Diagnosis
The disease is determined by physical examination and medical history. To find out the underlying cause, an X-ray or an MRI scan of the shoulder blade is advised.

Shoulder Blade Fracture Process
• In this case, there is a clear asymmetry of the shoulder girdle.
• The pain increases on palpation.
• The characteristic place swells.
• When trying to move one arm causes pain in action
• Shoulder blade fracture can be displaced.
• The tendon and clavicle ligaments rupture.
• Dislocation of the shoulder blade
• Injury to shoulder blade
• Treatment for the first 7-14 days takes place in the hospital.

Scapula Neck Fracture
• Scapula neck fracture causes complications and needs long-term rehabilitation.
• The area of the blade acts as a swollen oval.
• The patient does not feel pain in the moving forearm region without flexing the neck.

Blade Neck Fracture
In the case when there is a scapular fracture with displacement, there are several other symptoms:
• Hands movable and not retracted;
• The shoulder joint becomes a circular shape;
• On palpation, the patient complains of pain at the site of effect,
• Passive hand movements are not hindered.
• Surgery may be needed at this turn of the complication and needs to be used 100% of the time.

Diet Modifications
• Take anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric, ginger, pineapple, papaya, etc.
• Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, walnuts, sea kelp, and soybeans.
• Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil or butter when cooking because olive oil contains oleocanthal, a natural substance that helps prevent inflammation.

Avoid these foods in your diet
• Trans-saturated fat.
• Deep-fried food.
• Sugar
• Flour-based products.
• Fast food
• Liquor
• yoga and exercise

Exercises such as wall push-ups, shoulder press-ups, shoulder flexion, and walk-ups that are designed to strengthen the shoulder are often effective in reducing shoulder blade pain.

• Rest
• Ice packs or cold compresses help relieve the pain.
• Tie the affected area with an elastic bandage to reduce swelling.
• Massage of the area of the scapula with essential oils relieves spasms and spasms of the muscles attached to the scapula.
• In addition to exercises for scapula pain, to reduce shoulder blade pain, sitting and sleeping in proper posture is very important in preventing scapula pain.

Any type of scapular injury requires admission into the hospital and immediate treatment. The patient feels sharp pain when there is a fracture of the scapula.

Symptoms then gradually reduce over time and a person walks with a bruise on until they face complications of the disease. Therefore, if you suspect a fracture, get medical help right away.

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