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Have you ever come across the term ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ in textbooks or health-related blogs? Do you feel worn out despite plenty of sleep? Adrenal Fatigue is not counted as a medical diagnosis but represents a collection of non-specific symptoms like body aches, fatigue, nervousness, sleep problems and digestive disorders that happens when adrenal glands function below the necessary level.

Adrenal glands produce different types of hormones that are essential for life. When these start producing inadequate hormones, it leads to underlying disease. In medical term, we call it adrenal insufficiency or Addison's disease.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

In the year 1998, James Wilson ( Expert in alternative medicine ) coined the word ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ and described it as a group of related signs and symptoms that results when the adrenal glands function below the required level.

According to him, it’s usually associated with intense stress and often follows chronic infections like bronchitis, flu, or pneumonia. Wilson also adds that people with Adrenal fatigue may not have any physical signs of illness but still may feel tired and have fatigue that doesn’t get better with sleep.

What causes Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is not something that happens in the blink of an eye. It takes years for the adrenals to become worn out. So when you are looking for the causes of adrenal fatigue, remember to look back a few years into your past.

That traumatic emotional or physical event that happened ages ago can also trigger your adrenals that pushes to a depressive state. Adrenal fatigue is primarily caused by following reasons:

  • Emotional stress
  • Diet
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Exposure to chemicals and pollutants
  • Chronic disease
  • Experiencing trauma in childhood

Signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

A lot of these symptoms are pretty general. This is one of the challenges with adrenal fatigue — imbalanced hormones affect your entire body so much that it’s hard to pin it down to your adrenals.

Adrenal support
Adrenal support supplement

Often people find it hard to recognize the difference between the kinds of stress. Whether it’s physical stress at the sight of the event or the mental stress caused post event, your body reacts the same way: it pumps out loads of stress chemicals. Here are 17 common signs and symptoms of adrenal exhaustion, you should know:

  • Body aches
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness
  • Loss of body hair
  • Skin discoloration
  • Decreased ability to withstand stress
  • Mental fog with poor memory and difficulty concentrating
  • Morning and afternoon fatigue, lack of stamina
  • Abdominal fat that doesn’t go away despite countless efforts
  • Low sexual drive
  • Cravings for sweets or salty foods
  • Low blood sugar under stress
  • Dizziness even after a long sleep or difficulty in waking up
  • High blood pressure and rapid heartbeat
  • Signs of premature aging
  • Recurrent infections and poor wound healing

Best supplement for adrenal fatigue
The best treatment for adrenal fatigue is stress management and eating bulletproof diet. However, If you are getting tired frequently, be sure to consult your physician to understand the cause of it.

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