Finding the Right 340B Partner: What to Look for in a Pharmacy Partner



The 340B Drug Discount Program was created in 1992 to help healthcare organizations serving a large number of uninsured or at-risk populations. By dramatically reducing the cost of prescription medications, eligible entities are able to reinvest their precious resources and expand their footprint of service within vulnerable communities.

Participating in 340B
In order to participate in the 340B program, eligible entities must first register to become enrolled. If accepted, they are issued a unique 340B identifier, allowing them to purchase discounted medications from vendors.

Many organizations though, lack the in-house resources to fully access and leverage the benefits the program offers. The 340B program though, does allow covered entities to dispense 340B medications to patients through intermediary contracted pharmacy providers.

Contract 340B Pharmacy Requirements
Contract pharmacies must be registered with the 340B program and be listed on the 340B OPAIS before they can dispense program medications on behalf of the covered entity. Contracted pharmacies are also required to comply with a wide array of regulations and guidelines provided by the HRSA (Health Resources and Service Administration).

What to Look for in a Contracted 340B Pharmacy Partner
An Ideal 340B contracted pharmacy should provide seamless, responsive, and fully integrated services while remaining extremely cost effective. The ideal contracted pharmacy is one which is:
• Fully transparent with no hidden fees
• Able to offer meaningful insights and facilitate the 340B process
• Reduce waste and streamline inventory
• Generate consistent reports

ASP Cares Provides Superior 340B Pharmacy Dispensing and Support
ASP Cares is uniquely positioned to help healthcare entities of all sizes maximize reimbursements, reduce waste, track and report usage, and improve patient outcomes without incurring significant cost or financial risk. We proudly offer:
• Flexible fee schedules
• Full transparency
• No hidden fees or fine print
• Expertise and oversight
• Help identifying and addressing operational insufficiencies

ASP Cares is a high touch, patient-centered specialty pharmacy committed to providing unmatched service to both patients and providers.

As a fully compliant, registered 340B pharmacy, we provide customized solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes. From personalized account managers, to flexible fee schedules, and smooth inventory management, we provide superior support for 340B eligible entities.

Let us help you stretch your resources, increase your revenue stream, reduce waste and expand your services to vulnerable communities. After all, isn’t that what its really all about?

ASP Cares: Working together, we can do more.

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